Berserker Joe album + Peel Session

by The Midnight Choir

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Previously un-released tracks including the John Peel session, broadcast Dec 87 / Jan 88 (Idle, Pigman, Balsa-wood Bob and Country Death Clown). Free download Tadpoles and BWB.

Also includes four bonus tracks - Cities and Mr Woodrue (both previously unreleased) plus live versions of Stumbles Around and Big Burger Murder.

The Midnight Choir recorded these tracks at BBC Maida Vale studios London, Dec '87 and in Sheffield, Feb - Jul '88 at Vibrasound and Priority studios.

Produced by Dale Griffin (of Mott The Hoople) and Midnight Choir. Engineer Mike Robinson.

Re-mastered and Idle re-mix by Nick Canute, 2013.


released February 25, 2013

The Midnight Choir on these recordings -

Ziggy Canute - vocals
Simon Gilman - bass
Matt Silcox - drums
Nick Canute - guitar
"Dippa" Duncan Wheat - guitar and keyboards

R.I.P. Dippa and John Peel.

Photo of The Midnight Choir in Brussels 1988 taken by Andy Pritchard, other photos and art-work by Nick Canute.



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The Midnight Choir Sheffield, UK

Sheffield, UK based alternative/post-punk.

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Track Name: Flex
First incision, delivered by a blade
Dragged into light
I kick my life away
I’m angry can’t you see
Upset the apple cart
Square peg in a round hole
It doesn’t fit at all

(I kick it over, I kick it out
I kick it over, I kick it out
I kick to start, just watch me flex
Watch me flex…)

Seeking comfort in the fist
Like a babe to the nipple
Hackles rise, uneasiness
And the atmosphere ripples
I’m flexing flab in code
And we surround the prey
Fight for first hit
There is no other way
There is no other way

The meat on my fist
Also fills my head
And all the blood I spill
It becomes my bed
Home is where the heart is
Home is where they fall
(You’re the fear I need
Watch me flex)
Track Name: A Cattle Mutilation Expedition Love Song

…And on a wet day, the universe contracts
to the size of the room I’m in

About this big and so high

And on a dull day, the universe fades
To a puddle the colour of dung…

Which reminds me,
I surprise you,

The soil it grows for me,
The rain it falls for me,
The world exists for me,
You creatures die for me,
You never question why,
I never question why,
Yon never question why,
I never question why

And on a hot day, the universe reverts
To the colour of blood,
Of the blood I spill,
About this red, about this warm,
About this red, about this warm...

Something to ruminate,
Something to inseminate,
Something to mutilate,
Track Name: Stumbles Around
stumbles around…those dark empty eyes
No embers just ashes…he sees me
No time for pity…own self to blame
Wearing shoe souls…they see me
(He’s nothing, she’s shit, they fascinate…
a junkie, a saint as they stumble

Dissolving away…first a tooth, then a face
With his radio off, he can hear things
To the people around them
They’re a sorry mistake
(angels all burnt out and fallen from…
angel’s all burnt out and fallen from

they’re nothing, they’re shit
just flotsam adrift
wino’s and saint’s
with their halo’s askew
they’re nothing, they’re shit
just flotsam adrift
angel’s all burnt out
and fallen from grace

Part of a person…stumble around
Moth to lighthouse…phantom earth-bound

Blood like water…washed out, fading
Carry no burdens…dissolving away
Track Name: Slug Matador
Sick of the night
We dream of light
Tired of slime
We want our time
Place in the sun
Sand, salt & sun
Fascists must die
Artists shall fry

Cubist hat cop
Hemmingway stop
Needing no bull
Dali so dull
We want your wet
We want your moisture
We want your sweat
We want your time

(We want the red, the gold, the brocade
we want your lives, we want you dead)
we are the horned, glistens our trail
so as we slide, lick holy grail
we are the soft, leathery lipped
we are the strong, feathery tipped.

(we want y’wet, we want y’moisture, we want y’dead)